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    Hi, I am Diane Umutoni, the owner of Ms. Home staging & Design. My passion for houses and real estate stems from my desire to see the best in any home and my incredible eye for detail. I possess an insightful vision of what a room or an entire house could look like with the appropriate color choice, placement of furniture and accessories. Home décor is always on my mind.  I got it from my mama, as she has had a huge influence in my design-centered thinking from a young age.

    Passion comes first in all that we do at Ms. Home Staging &Design. I take immense pride in curating our inventory, so it feels current and fresh. My team approaches their work with love, just like I do, and together we know that the key to a good design is in the details. Moving a paint an inch to the left can make ALL the difference!!! 

    To stay inspired, I value travel, exercise, eating clean, being with nature, and prioritizing self-care. I’m a firm believer that you can’t fill from an empty cup, and I love inspiring my friends to put themselves first and watch their lives flourish.



    Our consultation approach focuses on empowering homeowners with all the tools and information they need to prepare for a faster and more profitable sale. After the consultation, homeowners will have a clear plan of how and where to begin preparing their home.  The homeowner may choose to do it by himself or hire us for the next step (staging).

    Staging Service

    Home Staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. Staging is the art and science of selecting the right furniture and accessories that will highlight the homes best features.

    At Ms. Home Staging & Design:

    We will transform your property into a home that prospective buyers will find irresistible which we will allow you to sell your house quickly and for the most money possible.

    Our proven results guarantee that your home will show its absolute best, shine in online photos and marketing, and drive maximum traffic to your property.

    We are involved in every step of the staging process — from consult to design and from installation to removal — ensuring that the staging is perfect down to the last detail.

    Interior Design

    We live and breathe beautifully styled interiors. Bringing homes to life is what we are passionate about. We love to create interiors that both enhance the design of a home and reflect the style and personality of the people who will live in. Whether you have bought a brand-new, or a resale home that is not exactly decorated to your taste, we can help you create your dream home. 

    Or perhaps you have lived in your home for a while and your tastes have changed, or the needs of your growing family are making you rethink your existing design choices.  No matter the challenge, we can make each room inspire you.

    Cleaning and Organizing

    If you have struggled to keep your home (Kitchen, bathroom, closet. etc..) organised, you are not alone! It happens that you don’t have the time or motivation to get organized.

    Our clients include busy professionals, young moms, families, baby boomers, widows and retired seniors all with a similar request, to have their lives simplified and have organized homes that have been decluttered and downsized. We concentrate on making life simpler for you. Home Organizing can be a difficult experience for people for many reasons. That is why we have come up with tips, ideas and solutions that are tailor made for our clients.

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