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    Get to know me and why i love what i do

    "Our business is built on approaching a job with love with passion and integrity"

    Diane Umutoni

    Who Am I?

    Hi, I am Diane Umutoni, the owner of Ms. Home staging & Design. My passion for houses and real estate stems from my desire to see the best in any home and my incredible eye for detail. I possess an insightful vision of what a room or an entire house could look like with the appropriate color choice, placement of furniture and accessories. Home décor is always on my mind.  I got it from my mama, as she has had a huge influence in my design-centered thinking from a young age.

    Passion comes first in all that we do at Ms. Home Staging &Design. I take immense pride in curating our inventory, so it feels current and fresh. My team approaches their work with love, just like I do, and together we know that the key to a good design is in the details. Moving a paint an inch to the left can make ALL the difference!!! 

    To stay inspired, I value travel, exercise, eating clean, being with nature, and prioritizing self-care. I’m a firm believer that you can’t fill from an empty cup, and I love inspiring my friends to put themselves first and watch their lives flourish.


    I am dedicated to make your house look amazing. By combining expertise and experience, we leave no stone unturned to give your space a breath of life. Whether it is an existing house/room or a new setting, I will find solutions that will work for you!


    I value our relationships. It is the only metric of success I care about. I am interested in building lasting relationships with my client base. After all, home décor makes more sense when it is personal. I work on your project as my own.

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